We can’t thank you enough for helping serve bereaved families over the last couple of years. As you approach two years since registering for the Medical Affiliate course, you will notice that your course access will expire as it has a two-year term. This DOES NOT mean that you can no longer upload photos to us. You will be able to continue doing that uninterrupted. It only means that your access to the course itself expires, so you can no longer go back and reference the information contained within.

While your access to course content will expire, you will have access to our Medical Affiliate Resources, which will walk you through how to use our database and how to log sessions. There, you will also find consent forms and other helpful materials. You will remain an active NILMDTS Medical Affiliate and can still upload patient photographs for our digital retouching.

Should you wish to acquire an additional 2.0 CEs (for Registered Nurses), you can take our updated Medical Affiliate course. You will be able to purchase that at the price of $50. Our accreditation was renewed in 2021 to continue offering this course through at least 2023.