March 2020 Volunteer Spotlight

According to Nashville, Area Coordinator Ann Thoni, longtime volunteer Judy Ladd has bent over backwards to screen and dispatch calls to our photographers since 2016. She started volunteering in 2010 to help support Ann as an Assistant. Judy went on a couple of calls with Ann, for support, and it was just not something she felt like she could do at that point and time in her life, so she continued to be a volunteer in the dispatch position, and she’s been the wonderful Nashville dispatcher ever since!

Judy talks to medical professionals, families, and sometimes the birth mom… this is not a small task! Judy is efficient, organized, and very kind!  Incoming calls, especially the mom or even the families can be emotional, heart wrenching, and just plain exhausting and exhilarating at the same time! Yes, exhilarating… the gift we give these families are absolutely priceless, and can never be taken for granted!!!

Judy also does fantastic in communicating to the team photographers before and after each session to schedule times, to negotiate logistics, and to be sure photographers arrive safely to our hospitals. After each session, Judy continues her communication to see how each session went, if the photographer needs anything, or if they just want to talk about the session. Iva Roach, Nashville Photographer, commends Judy for taking her under her wing to guide her and provide those extra touch points and care that the entire team appreciates so very much. Judy is absolutely wonderful for the Nashville team, and they hope to keep her around for a long time! Her time and experience is invaluable the team cannot say enough about her service to the Nashville NILMDTS team!

Judy Ladd has been a NILMDTS Dispatcher since December 2010 and since our new system tracks dispatching, has participated in 4 sessions.

From the bottom of all our hearts, from NILMDTS Staff and Volunteer Leadership, we thank you very much for all your efforts in serving your local families!

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