Affiliated Photographers

Through your lens, offer a lasting embrace of love and memory for bereaved families.

At NILMDTS, we are committed to delivering professional-level remembrance portraiture to families who are experiencing the loss of a baby or babies. As part of our application process, we request that you submit five (5) indoor portraits of people that showcase your proficiency in lighting, posing, composition, focus, and meticulous attention to detail. While we require all five images to be portraits, it is not necessary for them to feature children or infants. Below, you will find examples of the impactful work created by NILMDTS photographers.


  1. Review the Image Guide: Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements detailed in our Image Guide to ensure your submission aligns with NILMDTS standards.
  2. Select and Prepare Your Images:
    • Images do not need to feature children or infants.
    • Submissions in color are acceptable; however, demonstrating skill in B&W conversion is advantageous as all final NILMDTS images are presented in B&W.
  3. Complete the Application:
    • Fill out the application form in its entirety. Submission is only possible upon full completion, but you can save your progress and return at any time.
    • Upload your selected images with the application.
    • Await an email confirmation of your submission within 24-48 hours. If not received, contact review@nilmdts.org.
  4. Application Review Process:
    • Your application and images will be evaluated by the NILMDTS Volunteer Application Committee, comprised of experienced Affiliated Photographers.
    • Expect a response regarding your application within 2-4 weeks. For inquiries, contact review@nilmdts.org.
  5. Application Fee:


Our Volunteer Application Committee (VAC) will score your application and submission of images based on the following criteria:
  • Lighting Skills: Unfortunately, a hospital setting doesn’t generally offer the natural light needed to create the beautiful and timeless images that we want to gift to our families; therefore, it is important that our photographers demonstrate strong lighting skills. Demonstrating and understanding the use of available light to enhance a portrait and subject. Lighting can be natural or auxiliary light.

  • Focus: We seek photographers who can capture images with incredible focus. The subjects of our images are small but full of detail, and we want to make sure that our families’ eyes are drawn into the image, creating a strong connection. When selecting images to submit, please select those that show your precision with focus. Demonstrating an understanding of focus with submitted images clearly showing clear and crips focus on the subject(s) as intended.

  • Posing: Posing is a crucial element in the photos we create. Our photographers know the rules of posing and continually work to take pictures with their subjects in the most flattering positions. It is best to avoid submitting candid or snapshots but choose those photos that show your influence as a photographer as it relates to posing. Demonstrating a clear understanding of posing and composition techniques to properly pose subjects for best lighting and framing.

  • Composition: Demonstrating an understanding of intentional composition and framing portraits appropriately for the subject matter.

  • Attention to Detail: Demonstrating an understanding of the importance of detail in each submitted image. Assessment will include checking that any distractions have been removed, ensuring the cropping fits the image, and evaluating if there is clear and intentional attention to detail in the submitted photos.

Please note that certain types of image submissions will not be accepted and will result in a request for additional photos. These include out-of-focus images, outdoor photos, unposed event, lifestyle, journalistic, or documentary photography (including birth images), images of non-human subjects (such as pets, nature, inanimate objects, etc., with the exception of a babydoll), and images taken during a workshop.


“In this volatile, uncertain, complicated, ambiguous, stressful, divisive world, volunteering for NILMDTS gives me a connection to what’s good in this life. Providing a ray of light in the dark world of bereaved and grieving parents are some of the most rewarding moments I’ve ever experienced.

Ron Shankland

“I wanted to give back in a way not many people can. It’s a very unique way to sacrifice our time and I want to be able to gift a family photos that will help them heal. Help them for years to come. I hope when they look back on an experience with me they remember how kind I was, how careful and considerate I was, etc. so they only have positive things to say about NILMDTS.

I didn’t think I was good enough to be a NILMDTS photographer but I just went for it. I figured the worst thing that could happen is be rejected and just have to keep practicing.”

Ashley Curran

“I am a trained Newborn Photographer. I get to see families all the time with their newborns. When I photograph their baby, they get to remember how tiny and beautiful their child was in that moment. I wanted to be able to give families that wouldn’t be bringing their baby home the same happy feelings. They deserve the same memories of their child. The tiny fingers and toes, their sweet little face; their perfect sleeping angel.”

Jennifer Morrill