Prepare Your Application

Because of the irreplaceable nature of the sessions we offer to families, our Affiliated Photographers must show proficiency in portrait photography, emphasizing composition, use of available light, posing, focus, and attention to detail. The images submitted with your application must actually reflect these categories and not be journalistic, lifestyle, or other non-posed portrait photography. However, if you are not a portrait photographer (but rather a landscape, real estate, or journalistic photographer), we still would love for you to apply, paying attention to the images requested in the submission and how those will be evaluated. In some cases, you may need to plan and take photographs specifically for the application in order to demonstrate the technical skills required of our Affiliated Photographers. Please pay careful attention to our image criteria and submit your best indoor posed portraits to ensure the most efficient evaluation of your submitted work. It is important to remember that our Volunteer Application Committee (VAC)  is not able to review your full body of work, and their decision is based primarily on the images submitted and is not a reflection of your overall talent. As such, the images you submit are very important, and those crafted specifically for the application demonstrates dedication to the mission.

Image Guide

While some people are able to pull images from their portfolio, we find that those who take the time to create images specifically for the application similar to those found in our image guide are quicker to evaluate without further image submission. It also is a great way to show the dedication to our mission.

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About Image Submission

Five (5) indoor images are required to be submitted with your application. These images will be assessed on your ability to use and understanding of lighting, posing, composition, focus, and attention to detail. Please review this page for more details.

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Ready to Apply?

Once you have identified or created the ideal images to showcase your skill, please fill out the application.

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