Just as you needed us in your darkest moments,

we need YOU  now more than ever.

We have filled empty arms with priceless memories

and journeyed together as a community

in search of healing and hope.

When you schedule a recurring donation of $15 or more or a one-time donation of $300 or more before May 31st, your baby’s name will be displayed on our 15 More Years of Remembrance page below. While personal strains and stresses are top of everyone’s mind currently, we cannot forget that pregnancy and infant loss will not diminish during this time. Mother’s arms will still be empty and parents fleeting moments with their child still need to be captured.
Every day in the United States alone more than 100 babies are stillborn. Through your generous gifts and NILMDTS perseverance, our doors will stay open and these families will be served with the gift of remembrance.

Schedule a recurring donation of $15 or more today
to help us serve bereaved families for another 15 years.

15 years more
of Remembrance

Thank you to our faithful Partners.

Alan and Melanie Rodger
Honoring Bennett Ian

Alissa Schafer
Honoring Reese Gallagher

Allen Rathe
Honoring Brayden Rathe

Amber Hopper
Honoring Aubrey Leigh

Amy and Rich Padilla
Honoring Baby Padilla

Brooke Menoni
Honoring Everly Hope Menoni

Bruce & Lois Schafer
Honoring Reese Gallagher

Cassandra D’Angelo
Honoring Corey D’Angelo

Carl Swanson
Honoring Adler Swanson

Christa Matichuk
Honoring David Eriksson

Dale and Gail Peterson
Honoring Coleman Tidmore

Danya de Leon
Honoring Audrey Meek

Dina and Ian Larner
Honoring Eve Fiore

Jenny & Clint Killian
Honoring Grant Killian

John Barnett
Honoring Claire Barnett

John Higgins
Honoring Thaddeus Marlon Carney

Karen and Joe Robideaux
Honoring Haven Robideaux and Joy Robideaux

Katie & Jesse Winterringer
Honoring Grayson Winterringer

Kevin and Dorla Burick
Honoring Catherine Burick

Kim & John Schultz
Honoring Justin Schultz

King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
Honoring Anna Grace Djamalov

Lance & Gwen Tietz
Honoring Kinsley Tietz

Leslie Anderson
Honoring Isaac Jonathan Anderson, Lucas Edward Anderson and Ethan Michael Anderson

Linda Malcolm
Honoring Callum James Schmechel

Linda Pasch

Lisa and Mike Citro
Honoring Amelia Citro

Margaret McGory Moffit
Honoring all the baby angels I’ve met since 2006

Nancy and John Shoff
Honoring Gabriel Jacob Roberts

Nicole Mosqueira
Honoring Kaleb Palomino

Parent Support Of Puget

Rex Akins
Honoring Lauren Fee

Ross and Melisa Ramsey
Honoring Baby Eddie

Scott Gordon
Honoring Kathryn and Christopher Gordon

Span Foundation
Honoring Norah Clarke

Stephen and Lorri Sisemore
Honoring Sadie Rose Sisemore

Theresa McNeil

Timothy Stuewe
Honoring Owen Stuewe

Todd and Lisa Manchester
Honoring Matthew, Sarah, and Jeremiah Manchester

Tyler and Ali Furtwangler
Honoring Zachary Conner Furtwangler