Ashes too Soon
Brindon J. Walls

No balloons to come home to
Ashes too Soon
Didn’t even get to paint your room
I mean we were supposed to have time
Three months too early you arrived
But without a cry
Asking God why
Why a second time
Year before Momma had a miscarriage
This was different though
You were born with a tiny body
Little fingers and toes

Ones we would never get to watch grow
April 10th will always be cold
Every year we release balloons in your name
Try to ease the pain
It will never truly fade away
Even now as I write
I continue to wipe
To prevent my tears from falling on the page
Some days the tears turn to rage

From pictures I could tell you were going to be perfect
Wish me and your big bro Jayden could have came to the hospital room
To admire your beauty
Would have been devastating but at least would have gave us more closure
Dad and Momma did what they thought was best
When me and J got to see you, you were already in a small silver chest
Everything you were turned to ashes
I know you would have grew up with thick lashes
Would have been Dad’s princess
I mean you still are
Just not the same seeing you play in the yard

You’re very far but sometimes in particular you feel near
When I’m hiking in beautiful places alone
The wind rushing through the trees then past me acting like a phone
Letting me know you’re safe and home
Or the sun beaming on my skin high on a mountain is your love from Heaven
Till this day I ask God most for one thing
To see you in a dream
To see the beautiful Queen you’re becoming
Even to just see you prance in a field
Or even better to sit down and chill
Letting me know without a doubt Heaven is real
You for sure would have that melanin magic

Breaking all the boys hearts left and right
Me and your bros ready to fight any boy that would cause you to cry
Watch you learn to ride a bike
Help with homework into the night
On a windy day fly a kite
All that potential only to arrive a little too early
Leaving us with so much fury

Kamille Jane Walls
We will always love you with our all
You’ll never have any flaws
Baby sis you’re always missed
Wish I could have gave you just one kiss
To hold me over
Until the end
Well until then we will keep your ashes safe
Till the end of my race
When I can finally see your face
Take my rightful place by your side
You were too gorgeous for a tomb
Please save me a room
Somewhere past the moon
Until I die and I’ll always scream why….Ashes too Soon

“Ashes Too Soon”
Written by: Brindon J. Walls
In Memory of his stillborn sister
Kamille J. Walls born April 10, 2009
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