Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. We are always looking for photographers with professional-level skills.  As more and more hospitals find out about our services to families in need, the need for more volunteers increases everywhere.

For more information on the work that our volunteers provide and to learn more about the application process and skill qualifications, there are resources at our Affiliated Photographer page.

Be sure to browse for information on the application and skills criteria, and sign up to receive our Informational Webinar. Our volunteers must be able to shoot high-quality pictures in low-light situations, so we seek photographers who can skillfully use lighting and are confident in their abilities to use their DSLR cameras in their manual settings.

The most critical part of the application process is selecting images that best demonstrate the skills needed at a NILMDTS session – generally in a small, poorly lit hospital room. While some people are able to pull images from their portfolio, we find that those who take the time to create images specifically for the application similar to those found in our Image Guide are quicker to evaluate without further image submission. It also is a great way to show dedication to our mission.

To summarize the application requirements (although please read it fully for the detailed criteria), we request five (5) indoor posed portrait images ideally taken in low-lighting situations with a sharp focus. Use of a baby doll is permitted but please ensure no other non-human subjects are utilized (i.e. no flowers, pets, stuffed animals or other inanimate objects other than a doll). Of course, they do not require the use of a baby or doll, adults or children are just fine as models 🙂

We cannot accept journalistic images, lifestyle, or other non-posed portrait photography. Of course, the overall quality of the work submitted is also evaluated and weighs heavily in the decision to accept an applicant. The most important thing to remember is that our team of reviewers cannot review your full body of work and their decision is based primarily on the images submitted and are not a reflection of your overall talent. The images you submit are very important.

If you do not have the skills that we are looking for at this time, we encourage you to apply or consider joining as an Assistant to Photographer to gain skills to become a photographer.