Kellen David

Friday, July 13th, 2012 should have been a happy day. We were about a week and a half from having our second child, another son.   I had an ultrasound scheduled and my husband and I were looking forward to seeing our little guy, hoping we’d get to see another 3D shot.

I mentioned to my husband that I couldn’t remember the last time I felt the baby move which was so unusual because he always seemed so active, much more than I remembered from my previous pregnancy. I wasn’t worried though. The baby’s always safe when he’s inside right?

When we got to the ultrasound appointment, the ultrasound technologist was being friendly and talkative while she was getting everything set up. Then, her face quickly changed. She said, “hold on a second” and left the room.

I knew then that something was really wrong. The doctor came in, checked my stomach again and told us that our baby was not alive.

It was a complete shock. What happened? My ob/gyn told us that we would need to go to maternity to get induced when we were ready. Wait, what? Fortunately, labor and delivery were very quick and pain-free. Early in the AM July 14th, I delivered a beautiful, perfect 6lb 9oz baby boy. He had lots of hair and looked just like his dad. We named him Kellen David.

The maternity staff was wonderful and kind and told us about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. They said they would try and get a photographer to come and take pictures. At the time, we didn’t really understand how important that would be. We were already so overwhelmed. When we were getting close to getting discharged, the nurses told us that they weren’t sure anyone from NILMDTS would be able to come. Apparently, the first two photographers they had on the list were out of town and they were trying the next one on the list. Thankfully, the third photographer on the list, who was likely so busy on a Saturday afternoon in July, drove in from the east side of town and took pictures of us and our little boy.

We will always be eternally grateful that Becky Workman, NILMDTS volunteer photographer, showed up that day. We absolutely cherish the photos we have of Kellen.

When my third son was born, I had canvases made of each boy’s baby picture and we now hang them proudly in our family room.  Kellen would be three years old now.   We still miss him so terribly but are so thankful that we have beautiful pictures to remember his sweet little face.

 – Alana Pap, Kellen’s Mommy

Thank you to Alana Pap and family for sharing your beautiful Kellen David and thank you to Becky Workman, NILMDTS volunteer photographer for being there for Kellen’s family to capture their special moments with Kellen David! – NILMDTS

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