It is no surprise the year 2020 will go down in history books as one of the most tumultuous times in the world, riddled with seclusion and fear. However, the feelings of loss and isolation are not unfamiliar for bereaved parents. Regardless of the circumstances leading to the loss of a child, the initiation into the society of grieving parents is unfathomable. The part medical staff can play in supporting bereaved parents can take on many different roles, and during the past year, it became photographer.

Prior to the unprecedented changes, COVID-19 brought to our everyday life, bereaved families were offered the services of professional photographers who donated their services through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. When the pandemic hit, instead of allowing the visitor restrictions enforced by hospitals to prevent spread of the virus keep parents from having quality pictures of their baby, staff embraced the opportunity to step into the role of photographer so families would still have the cherished pictures of their child.

NILMDTS offered medical personnel training at no charge enabling staff to provide families with quality photographs of their precious child.  The commitment to continue to support families during a pandemic has not been overlooked. Numerous families have expressed their appreciation over the opportunity to have pictures to show friends and family members who were unable to be present for the delivery of their baby.

These pictures give parents tangible memories to treasure and share as they tell their baby’s story. Although life can throw us for a loop and society can in some ways “shut down”, it does not mean we have to stop caring for our fellow human beings. We find ways to continue on, showing compassion, empathy, and support for those in need just as we always have.

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