On October 8th of 2019, my wife and I found out our son, Gerard Anthony Mora III, went to Heaven.  We were on a birthday trip for my wife (her birthday is 10/3) fishing on the White River in Arkansas, and my wife hadn’t felt our boy move in a bit.  We didn’t want to risk it, so we went to the ER only to find that he had passed.

An insane amount of pain, grief, and disbelief engulfed us.  Even now as I type this, it is so hard to recount this memory.  After the services, my wife and I struggled, and sometimes still do, to find comfort that our boy was in Heaven.

The chorus of this song came into my mind, and somehow it has provided some kind of encouragement to me. I knew that I would spend all of my life on a journey to get back to my son.

I also found some symbolism in the name of the White River.  The purity of white and the serenity of the nature reminds me of the purity of our baby boy. That he was just too perfect for this world.

I want to share this song with you because I believe I am not alone in this experience.  I know there are many like my wife and I who have experienced a similar loss, and that we can still honor our babies.  You are not alone.  You are not crazy for mourning.  There is no amount of time that we have to give ourselves as a limit to stop talking about our children.

I share this song to encourage you with the hope that we can one day be with our children again.  They are our guiding lights home.  I am still learning this every day with you, and I hope that this brings you some peace.

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