A Volunteers Impact: Carson’s Story

Our first baby, Carson, was born alive after a full term, healthy pregnancy. Very soon after birth, the medical team noted that Carson was in distress. He passed away about an hour and a half after delivery. My husband and I were absolutely devastated and in complete shock. One of the nurses on staff took it upon herself to call NILMDTS immediately. She mentioned to me there was a photographer coming who would take photos for us. At the time I remember feeling confused and even annoyed. Just hours after the worst possible scenario there was a stranger coming to take photos of my son? Of my husband and I in our most vulnerable state!

However, our photographer took the utmost care of our son while she took photos of him! I watched her carry him and position him with love and care. It was really beautiful.

Once we got our photos back I remember feeling SO grateful that this organization existed and that nurse took it upon herself to call. I also recognize now how quickly the baby changes after they pass. I’m very thankful to have photos of him very soon after birth before many changes had occurred.

I look at those photos every single day. Many are hung in our house. We used them at the service for our son. They are the most precious gift we could receive after losing our son. I noticed our photographer began following me on Instagram.

There are no words to express how special it is to be connected with some of the only other people who held our son, as during COVID we could not have many visitors.

Someday, if we are fortunate to give Carson siblings, I plan to use her as a newborn photographer. I feel it would be very special to have the same photographer who met Carson be the one to photograph his siblings.

Truly, the gift that NILMDTS gives families is priceless.

I cannot even fathom moving forward without having photos of our son. Thank you to all of the volunteers for this wonderful organization! You make a beautiful difference in the lives of families who lose their babies. I hope that if you are reading this and feel any call, please volunteer for this organization!

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