Brooklyn’s Jellies

Brooklyn was born sleeping on August 24, 2014. This was one of the most difficult times in our families’ life. We were all taken by such surprise that it was partially unbelievable for some time. As the time went on it sunk in more that we wouldn’t have Brooklyn here with us, but we would not accept that or let other people forget about her.

Before Brooklyn was born we did the usual parenting things; we set up a nursery, went shopping for clothes and toys and furniture. The one thing that we bought that was special to us was a pair of “jellies”. My wife remembered having these same sandals when she was a little girl and when we saw them on the shelf we had to have them. We had these all set up with the rest of her clothes neatly organized in her closet. After Brooklyn was born and time went on we had to pack up her nursery. While we were doing this we came across the “jellies” and neither one of us could pack them away, we left them in the closet where they still sit today. However, they don’t just sit in the closet collecting dust. We decided that we were going to take them with us wherever we go around the world. Brooklyn has been to the beautiful beaches of Maui and Oahu, taken a boat ride down the canals of Amsterdam, walked the Tulip fields in Holland and seen the medieval town of Bruges.

Not only do we bring Brooklyn’s “jellies” with us everywhere we go, we also bring our “Brooklyn Beads” and leave them all over the world. They are small glass beads (pink, white and clear) that we keep in our pockets and purses. The “jellies” travel with us and come home where the beads stay in all of the places we visit. Friends and family have helped in this healing process, and so far we have an impressive list of places she has traveled: Maui, Oahu, Austin, Ft Hood TX, Baltimore MD, Amsterdam, Belgium, Afghanistan, Germany, Qatar, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Wyoming, Yellowstone, California, Florida, Barcelona, Italy, Oklahoma, Vail and France.

Often, pictures are sent to us of the special spot the Brooklyn Bead was left. Our daughter truly has traveled the world and left a mark in some of the most beautiful, peaceful places.

Although we would give anything to celebrate with our daughter on her 5th birthday today, we are comforted by the continued support, love and traditions our daughter has brought to our lives.

~ James, Father to Brooklyn Kay

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