My Why – Kami Anderson, NILMDTS Assistant Photographer

My son Cooper was born stillborn at 38 weeks on 10/25/2021. We had no idea that on the way to the hospital that we would be leaving without him. What we did leave with was only possible through this organization, professional grade photos of our baby that we will cherish forever. NILMDTS took pictures of our sweet boy that we were able to share with the world, photos that didn’t show the bruising from delivery, photos that didn’t capture only the heartache but the love for our boy.

There is not a day that goes by that we don’t look at his photos from NILMDTS. Our photographer treated our boy with the same level of respect and care as a baby that was born alive. Our photographer’s assistant shared her story of loss that made us feel like we weren’t alone in our journey. I’m excited to start this journey of volunteering as an assistant to a photographer to honor my sweet baby boy Cooper.

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