I began to be woven by my creator not long ago.
At first I thought I’d be headband to keep someone’s hair from falling over their face.
And then I grew and thought, “Now surely I must be a scarf” to keep someone’s head
and neck and ears all warm and snug.
But my creator told me “No, I have far greater plans for you. You will be a blanket to
wrap my daughter the moment she is born.”
“A BABY blanket!”
I could hardly believe the words she spoke.
I had heard of these blankets that little babies cuddled in from the
moment they were born.
They became a favorite possession, cried over, chewed on, worn, loved, never
forgotten and cherished by their owner.
A roll of yarn could only dream of becoming such a prized gift!
And here I was learning that this was to be the journey I would take.
What joy filled my little threads!
But before I could start dreaming of when this little girl would cry in bed because
she wanted her blankie, or binkie or booboo or whatever name she gave me.
Or when her heart would calm, cuddled inside of me while her mommy held us both,
my creator smiled with tears in her eyes and said:
“That my not be your path.”
I was filled with disappointment as I shouted, “What do you mean? How? Why?”
My little threads crushed to the core.
She responded softly to my anger
“For this little girl may only need your covering but for a moment and
then she will be fully covered by her Creator.”
I didn’t understand.
And something inside of me thought, “What a tragedy, for my creator to spend so
much time and energy making me a blankie for her little girl, to
only serve my purpose but for a moment.
What a silly thing to do!”
So, in the midst of my fresh disappointment all I could do was watch
and wait for what would become of me.
And I watched as my creator knit me.
I watched as she cried tears over my threads, thinking of this little ball
of cotton covering her great gift.
I watched as she unraveled me when the stich wasn’t quite right.
I watched her pray over so many stitches for this little girl of hers.
And I watched her love as she knitted me.
She spent hours; I lost count of how many,
Stayed up far later then any woman expecting a little baby should stay up
(in my opinion)
to create me for her little girl.
And just as I thought of how much love was poured into knitting me for this little
girl, I started to think of how my creator had said that this little girl
may soon be with her Creator.
It made me think of this Creator of hers.
I’ve heard a little baby gets created in her mommy’s tummy for even
longer then I have… 9 months!
But, she was only going to be here for a short amount of time.
And, well, that seemed silly to me too.
But then I thought of my own creator’s love and tears poured into making me…
And I’m just a thing.
And this little girl is a real live person!
If my creator thinks that it is worth it to create me, a prized blankie for her
little girl that won’t live the life I’d hoped for…
Then I bet this little girl’s Creator thinks she’s worth it to create her to
live on this earth for such a short time too.
He must really love her to spend so much time creating her.
It was then that I remembered something else my creator had told me.
She said “Some mommy’s only cover and carry these special babies in their tummy’s
for a few weeks or months and then they go back to their creator.”
This had made me sad at first.
But when I thought of their Creator it filled my heart with hope and joy for even
those little babies must be so valuable, so beautifully made and loved
to be created at all!
So, I began to thoughtfully piece all of these things together.
And it hit me…
If my creator could trust her Creator, the Creator of her little girl with what He’s
created them for…
Then I guess I can trust my creator with what she is making me for.
I may not be this little girl’s favorite blankie to grow up with
(though I sure do hope I am)
but my creator said that I would be her most cherished gift because she created me
with love to be the one to cover her most precious gift first.
I guess the joy of my creator in simply creating me can be my joy too.
So when the time came to wrap that little girl in my cotton threads, I proudly
kept her warm, felt her wiggles and kicks and watched.
I watched as her mommy and daddy oooed and awed at her and told her
with pride that I was made just for her.
I watched as her family and friends giggled and squealed at the little
bubbles she made that got me a little wet.
I watched as they smiled and sang loudly “happy birthday” as this little girl, much
to my surprise, slept soundly cuddled inside of me.
And I watched, as they loved.
And it was then that I knew, that I was lucky to be chosen for this
very special purpose indeed.
And when my purpose was fulfilled and this little girl rested in her Creators arms,
I rested in mine as tears rolled down her cheeks and she held me tight.
What pride and love was in her heart that she had chosen to knit me.
And it was then that she leaned over and whispered to me,
“I wonder what my little girl’s Creator is thinking, what love must be on His face as
He holds her tight?
For did you know, little blankie, that He knitted her?”

by Lindsey Dennis

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