NILMDTS would like to say a big Thank You to our outgoing board members, Dave McCalley, Michael Stefanski, Julie Williams. Throughout their time on the board, they have offered their expertise and knowledge, helping NILMDTS grow to become the organization it is today.

Dave McCalley has served on the board since 2015. He has brought a rich wealth of experience with strategic planning and organizational development. Dave also brought a wealth of knowledge with technology and the photography industry.

Through Dave’s background experience and wisdom, he strategically contributed to the technology developments as well as the development of the NILMDTS Medical Program. Dave will remain on the board as an Ex Officio member. We are grateful for his dedication and support.

Michael Stefaniski served on the NILMDTS board since 2014. Since 2016, he has served as the Secretary and Treasurer. In May of 2014, Michael and his wife Erin received photographs from NILMDTS after the loss of their son, Owen Michael.

To give back to the organization that helped his family so much, he volunteers to help organize the NILMDTS Remembrance Walk, in addition to serving on the board. During his time on the board of directors, Michael has used his nonprofit and accounting background to help NILMDTS grow and continue to serve other families in times of tragedy.

Julie Williams has served on the board for various years since 2010. From Vice President and an affiliated photographer since 2006. Julie currently serves as an Area Coordinator in Utah.

Julie has been involved with NILMDTS since the early stages of the organization, when a friend sent her a link and said, “Julie quickly signed up as a volunteer photographer, not knowing the impact she would have on all the families she has served throughout the years.”

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