It was the day after Ezra’s birth and 75 percent of infants with anencephaly are stillborn, so the day Ezra was born was a miraculous day! And the following day was nothing short of a testament to God’s awesome grace, love, and mercy.

Not only did we have the honor of meeting our 4th child and 3rd son, Ezra Jude, but we were also blessed with the gift of time following his birth. Time to hold him and introduce him to a lot of our family, to baptize him, and make his hand and foot molds, and time to capture priceless images with him.

We were even more blessed and grateful to say that Ezra was able to come home with us. Our perinatal palliative care nurse coordinator said that this was the first time she had ever been able to send a baby with anencephaly home with their family.

It makes sense that Ezra wouldn’t open his hands while making his hand molds… just kept making fists.. our boy came out fighting!

The ever-AMAZING Warrior my wife, Christine, and Baby Ezra spent time together at home, snuggling on the couch and enjoying one another’s physical presence for the short amount of time we were blessed to have.

If the world could love one another with the same love that Ezra knew while he was here….a love that’s grateful for every moment…a love that didn’t take a single second for granted…a love that didn’t sweat the small stuff…a love that didn’t make excuses because time was precious.

Well that my friends would be an amazing world to be a part of. But for now, we will be grateful for the short time on Earth that we had with our sweet Ezra Jude.

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