A letter to my grandson, the night he passed away.

Dear Braxton,

Hello Grandson, It’s your Dear Old Granddad. Your time here was short, I hope you’re not sad!

Your entire family and I, we wish you were still here. But God needs you grandson, with him up there.

I have a story to tell you, this story is true. It’s all about my dream; it’s all about you.

It starts on the day that I found out you would join us. It’s ends on the day that you went home with Jesus!

So here’s your life’s story, my precious grandson.  Through grandpa’s eyes, it starts on day one.

Your mommy stopped by; just to say “Hey.”   We sat in the kitchen and discussed our day.

We talked and laughed, but I could see in her eyes, there was more to this visit, she had a surprise.

She pulled two onesies out of her bag, and laid them on the table as if to brag.

Your grandma jumped up and reached out to hug her.

Millions of thoughts raced right through me. I was worried and concerned, but very happy!

Your mommy is beautiful, inside and out. She deserves you child, without a doubt.

My excitement grew as the weeks went on. Then we got news, she would have a son!

I almost went crazy, my heart filled with joy. I love all my daughters, but I’ve always wanted a boy.

You live in her belly, we’ve yet to meet, but you’ve already made our family complete.

I’d like to give you all of my love. But also a football, a wagon and a baseball glove.

A bicycle, a telescope, and a fishing pole. A guitar, a BB gun, and a basketball goal.

But what you need most, I’m unable to give. You just need a chance, a chance to live.

Your little heart stopped, like it didn’t matter. My whole world now, is completely shattered.

How could this happen to my little girl?  You’ve already become her entire world.

Why ask why, because nobody knows. Your grandpa worked hard to stay composed.

Your wonderful mommy has never needed me more, as your precious spirit entered Heaven’s door.

Your body stayed here to help add closure, but when I held you in my arms, I lost my composure.

Tears flooded my face, like a drenching rain. As my heart had never felt, this kind of pain.

I quickly regrouped, as I held you tight. I had to squeeze years, into just one night.

As I held you close, you never made a sound, but we both know that we formed our bond.

I told you “I Love you Boy” and that will always be true.
You now live in Heaven, but I’ll always be with you.

This bond that we share will never, ever fade. A grandpa out of me, your love has made.

You have left this earth, but only in part. As the rest of you lives, in Grandpa’s heart!

Rest in Peace Grandson!

I Love You Dearly,


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