• Published On: February 24th, 20243 min read

    Egypt’s Milestones

    On February 24, 2022, I walked into my 20-week anatomy appointment full of confidence, as this was my fourth pregnancy, and I knew the routine, but I was wrong. Little did I know my life was about to be changed forever. 

    After the scan, the doctor walked in and delivered devastating news: my baby had a rare and fatal condition called Bilateral Renal Agenesis (BRA). BRA is a condition where the  baby’s kidneys never develop, and the baby will not survive. I left that appointment in shock and completely devastated, not knowing if my baby would pass away in utero or shortly after birth.

    dad and baby hands Photo by NILMDTS Photographer Cheryl Lucas

    For the next 17 weeks, I had to live with the fact that my baby could die at any moment. I cried more tears than I thought humanly possible. But even through the tears and sadness, I made the conscious decision to enjoy and appreciate every moment of my pregnancy. I knew that baby Egypt could feel all my emotions. More than anything, I wanted my son to know that he was truly loved. My husband, myself, and our children, who were two, four, and eight at the time, would constantly pray for, talk and sing to baby Egypt 

    On June 21, 2022, my precious baby Egypt came into this world at 1:27 pm. Before going into the hospital, …